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Thursday, 31 May 2018 09:58

New Beginnings

What a wonderful time to be involved in the Paphos property market.

Natavel are at the forefront of all that is new and exciting, so let’s have a quick look at what is occurring.

Paphos suffered terribly after the crash of 2008, it was probably hit harder than any other area on the island, however we are now in 2018 and things are only moving in a positive direction.

Property sales increased significantly in 2017 and the data for the early months of 2018 are that sales are doubling and tripling from overseas.

An excellent gauge is rental prices; One year ago a two bedroom apartment was available for around 250 euros per month, currently, if you are lucky to find one, they are going for 450 euros per month and more!

No doubt Paphos being the European Capital of Culture has helped and shown Paphos and it’s attractions to a broader audience.

Incredible and groundbreaking projects are in the pipeline – of which more in future blogs – but Paphos and Cyprus on the whole are on the rise and it is an exciting time.

So we have New Beginnings; welcome to our new website, our new staff (me included!), our new projects – particularly Tala Sunset Gardens, if you are not familiar with it, check it out – and many more new opportunities to come.

Have a great day.