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Passport Scheme

Cyprus European Passport through Investment


There are three easy ways to achieve citizenship

1. Investment in a either a single property of a minimum of €2 million + VAT if applicable
2. Purchase a selection of residential properties of a minimum of €2 million + VAT if applicable, out of which a property is to be used as a permanent residence of a value of €500,000
3. An investment of a minimum of €2 million + VAT if applicable in commercial property plus a property to be used as a permanent residence of a value of €500,000.

The eligible investment is not limited to properties purchased for the first time and can include any property purchased in the previous three years.

After 3 years the assets may be sold as long as a permanent residence of a value of €500,000 is kept.


• Fast – Passport issued within 3-6 months
• The freedom to travel, live and work anywhere within the EU and Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland as well as healthcare and education
• Visa free travel to 158 countries
• No residency requirement
• Passports extended to spouse, parents and dependent children under 28
• No tax liabilities
• Dual citizenship allowed
• It is an investment and not a donation
• You can liquidate 75% of your investment in three years and actually make money.
• It is for ever and transferred from generation to generation
• Zero inheritance tax


Select your property

Show proof of purchase and transfer of funds

Provide Passport

Supply a copy of your Birth Certificate

Provide Police clearance certificate from home country

Wedding Certificate if applicable and

Application Fee of €2,000 per applicant

To secure your investment we pre–qualify and have a 100% track record of successful applications

Click HERE to download our full brochure on our Passport and Residency Schemes, (7.26MB)

Residency & Passport Natavel Elite Developments PDF